A family set method for estimating heredity and stress--I : A pilot survey of blood pressure among Negroes in high and low stress areas, Detroit, 1966-1967

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Schork, M. Anthony Harburg, Ernest Erfurt, John C. Schull, William J.
Research Associate, Department of Psychology, The University of Michigan, USA Professor of Human Genetics, Medical School and Professor of Anthropology, College of Literature, Science and the Arts, The University of Michigan, USA Associate Professor of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, The University of Michigan, USA
A pilot survey designed to test the feasibility of measuring genetic and stress variables as they relate to blood pressure levels was carried out among Negroes residing in high and low stress census tracts in Detroit, 1966-1967. Fifty-six "family sets" or 280 persons were interviewed and blood pressure recordings were taken by trained nurses. Each family set was composed of an index, a spouse, a sibling and a first cousin of index, and an unrelated person in the census tract matched to index. The method and findings of obtaining such family sets is discussed and found to be encouraging enough to initiate a larger study. It was also found that proportions of persons with hypertensive levels were significantly greater in the high stress tract (32 per cent; N = 102) than in the low stress tract (19 per cent; N = 113). 
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